Kronan Vit (White) Stark Review

Kronan Stark Vit Snus
Produced by Swedish Match, Kronan Stark Vit is a white portion snus which is designed to be a stronger version of the highly popular Kronan Vit brand. Each can of Kronan Vit Stark comes with 18 grams of extra strong snus and 0.9 grams per portion.

Upon opening my can, I initially noticed an aroma of tobacco and herbs and it reminded me quite a lot of regular Kronan Vit. Upon placing a portion in my mouth, I soon began to taste a melange of mellow tobacco complimented by grassy herbs and the taste was quite pleasant. The grassy herbs began to subside after the ten minute mark, and the mellow tobacco flavor became increasingly salty and was pleasant up until about the forty minute mark. I also felt that each portion had a decent amount of snus in it, allowing me to attain a full range of flavors present within the tobacco.

The portions were comfortable, and were made of average material. The dryness of the portions meant that the nicotine buzz took a little longer to kick in than a regular portion snus, but after five minutes I began to experience a strong buzz which continued until about the twenty five minute mark before starting to subside. I was generally able to leave portions in for about forty-five minutes before taking them out due to excessive drip.

Overall, I found Kronan Vit Stark to be a tasty tobacco dominant brand with a flavor that wasn’t too overpowering. Vit Stark should appeal to consumers who are looking for a stronger nicotine buzz while still wishing to experience the classic Kronan taste. I recommend Kronan Stark for lovers of strong, tobacco dominant snus, and I suggest pairing Kronan Stark Vit with tea or a glass of good Canadian rye for special occasions.