General Onyx Portion

General Onyx With Black Portions in Star formation

Making its debut in 2006, Swedish Match’s General Onyx is one all my all-time favorite brands of snus. Each can of Onyx contains 24 portions which contain 1 gram of snus each. Unlike many brands of snus which have reduced the size of their portions to between .75 to .9g, General Onyx continues to provide slightly larger portion sizes. Onyx is classified as a strong portion snus, and has a nicotine content of 11mg per 1g portion. In November 2011, the color of the portions were changed from black to white.

Upon opening a fresh can of General Onyx, I was greeted with a strong aroma of tobacco, with subtle hints of lemon. Once I put a portion in, I was greeted with an incredibly balanced and smooth tobacco flavor. After about 5 minutes, I began to pick up hints of lemon and black pepper, which blended very well with the tobacco flavor and wasn’t overpowering. Being a white portion snus, Onyx is a little dry, which gives it the advantage of lasting longer. With less moisture present I found that it took a little longer for the nicotine kick to become apparent in comparison to original portion snus. However, when the nicotine kick did come, it was fairly strong and long lasting.

The General Onyx Can is Professional Looking

I found Onyx’s portions to be extremely comfortable, and I was able to leave one in for nearly an hour before I began to notice a drip.┬áIn my experience, General Onyx portions are incredibly soft, and are the softest portions I’ve tried as of yet. Although I prefer the look of the black portions, I didn’t detect any difference in quality between the old black ones and the new white ones. Inside every can, portions are arranged in a star formation, and are shaped like a wedge, making it very easy to simply pop a portion in without needing to do any readjustment beforehand.

Overall, General Onyx is an excellent premium snus with a superb flavor profile. The slight hint of lemon and black pepper, mixed with the smooth tobacco flavor provides an excellent flavor which I find goes great along with a good wheat beer. Being a premium snus, Onyx carries a slightly higher pricetag than most varieties of snus, but it’s exceptional quality makes it worth the every penny.

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