Camel Snus White Portion Review

Enjoying Camel Snus on my Balcony

For many people living in the United States, Camel Snus is their first experience with snus. Personally, I find American Camel Snus to be too low in nicotine content, and overly sweetened. However, little do most people know that there is another version of Camel Snus which is manufactured outside of the United States by JTI Sweden AB (rather than RJ Reynolds), and it is a true Swedish Snus. This review will be covering the Swedish variety, which I vastly prefer. Every can of Camel White Portion has 20.7 grams of snus, and each portion contains 8mg of nicotine per portion, making it a standard strength snus.

The inferior American Camel Snus

Upon opening my can of Camel snus, I was greeted with an aroma of tobacco, with only the slightest hint of bergamot. Back when I used to smoke, Camels were one of my favourite cigarette brands. I found them to be extremely smooth, and they had the perfect balance between flavor and strength. I find that Camel White portion is no exception. Upon placing a portion into my mouth, I was greeted with a smooth tobacco flavor which reminded me of the smooth taste I used to get from smoking Camels, but without all the nasty tar and ash. After about eight minutes, I began to feel a mild yet pleasant nicotine buzz, which was quite nice. However, if you are someone who enjoys strong snuses such as Thunder Raw, you may feel that Camel is a tad too weak for your tastes.

I found the portion material to be quite comfortable, and the portions fit well in my lip. Since this is a white portion snus, I experienced less drip and was able to keep a portion in for about fourty five minutes before removing it. When the snus did begin to drip, it was relatively mild compared to other brands that I’ve tried.

Overall, I really enjoyed this version of Camel Snus and I plan to add it to my daily rotation for a while. The smooth taste is great to have alone or with a nice beer on a warm summer day like the one we’re having here currently. I recommend this superior version of Camel Snus to lovers of tobacco flavored snus brands, as well as to anyone who is looking to make their first foray into the world of snus.

Unfortunately due to brand regulations, this variety of Camel Snus cannot be sold to U.S. customers. However, if you live outside the United States and enjoy camel cigarettes, then I highly recommend giving this brand a try!

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