Skoal Straight Long Cut

My Can of Skoal Straight Long Cut

Aside from snus, I’ve been planning to do reviews of other tobacco products including American dipping tobacco, chew, nasal snuff, and e-cigarettes. Today I plan to review one of the most popular varieties of dipping tobacco, Skoal Straight Long Cut. A fun fact about Skoal dip is that its name is an Americanization of the Swedish word skål, which means cheers!

As its name implies, Skoal Straight Long Cut is a long cut variety of dip, which makes it easier to keep in your mouth than finer cuts are. When I opened my can of Straight, I noticed a smell of sweet tobacco which was quite different from Swedish snus. Dip is placed is your lower lip, so I took a pinch about the size of a quarter and placed it in the middle of my lower lip. Within a minute or so, I was greeted with a very sweet tobacco flavor with a hint of spice which helped to prevent the sweetness from becoming too overpowering. Pretty soon the dip began creating quite a bit of juice, much more than when I tried out Copenhagen fine cut. A few minutes later, I spit some of the juice into my Mud Jug, which I highly recommend getting if you’re an avid dipper as it makes cleanup so much easier.

After about five mintues I began to feel the onset of a pleasant nicotine buzz. Dip generally ranges from between 7mg-12mg of nicotine per gram, and I felt that Skoal Straight was towards the higher end of the scale. I kept my pinch in for about half an hour before I felt that the flavor was really beginning to subside. If you’re new to dip, be careful with this brand, as if you use to much you may experience some nausea which can be quite unpleasant. Begin with pinches a little larger than a dime, and gradually work your way up as you begin to learn how much dip at once suits your preferences.

Skoal Straight Long Cut makes for a great everyday dip, and its sweet tobacco flavor pairs well with many different types of beer. If you’re looking for a dip with a strong nicotine kick which is easy to dip, I highly recommend giving Straight a try.

Also, in case you’re wondering how dip compares to Swedish Snus, I’ll be writing a blog entry within the next few days which outlines some of the key differences between the two, so stay tuned!

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