Copenhagen Straight Long Cut Review

My Can of Copenhagen Straight Long Cut

Manufactured by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, Copenhagen is one of the oldest brands of dipping tobacco, dating back to 1822. The Copenhagen Straight Long Cut flavor is only a few years old, but has become quite a popular brand amongst dippers.

Upon opening my can of Straight Long Cut, I noticed a sweet tobacco smell, and it was pleasant. The dip was quite moist, and it was pretty spongy to the touch, making it easy to grab a pinch without any mess. Once I took a pinch and placed it in my mouth, I noticed a sweet tobacco taste which I really liked. There was also a slight salty taste, but it was pretty subtle compared to other brands of dip that I’ve tried. The nicotine hit was quite strong, and after only a few minutes I had a nice buzz going, even though I didn’t pack a large lip.

I was able to keep the pinch in for about thirty minutes before I began to find that my pinch had become too moist. One thing that I really enjoyed was that compared to Skoal Straight, Copenhagen Straight produced less spit. I’m not exactly sure why, but it was pretty nice needing to spit less. In addition, the cut was slightly longer than skoal straight, which made it really easy to keep my pinch in. The long cut also made removing the dip super easy, and after a few pinches I was easily able to remove an entire pinch in one go without even having to rinse out my mouth afterwards.

The Cut was long and easy to keep in

Overall, I’m really enjoying my can of Copenhagen Straight Long Cut. It has a great tobacco taste mixed with a little bit of sweetness, and provides a great nicotine buzz which allows me to use less dip (and therefore make a can last longer). Straight Long Cut also makes for a great beginner’s dip, as the long cut is very easy to keep in place without getting bits of tobacco everywhere.

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